Auto Transport And Car Registration

When you move across States, you are virtually moving into a whole new world. Although each of the 50 states of America is part of the same country, each of them has its own rules and regulations related to vehicle registration and ownership. What applies in one state may not apply in another, and you might find yourself confronted by a plethora of complexities related to moving your vehicle. It is therefore good to be acquainted ahead of time with all that you need to know about moving your car to a new State and getting it registered.


Registration Of Your Transported Vehicle

  1. Drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration varies from State to State. Therefore, check on local laws of the place to which you are moving. Laws are as varied as the people who live in the new locality, and if you wish to prevent any unpleasantness after your move, it is good to check on all that is involved.
  2. The duration of time taken to register your vehicle and even apply for a driver’s license varies in different States. For example, in Texas, you have 30 days’ time in which you have to register your vehicle and get a license. In California, however, it is 20 days, while in New Jersey it is 60 days and Michigan requires you to do it immediately. If you are unclear with the rules, you might find yourself in a tight spot.
  3. Some States require you to pass a written test or even a vision test although you may have taken up this test many times before. Be sure to apply as soon as possible so that you have ample time in which to pass these tests and get your registration done.
  4. Check on insurance requirements. Each State has varying minimums for property damage and bodily injuries. The difference in costs can be as low as $5,000 or as high as $50,000. Therefore, rather than assuming that your existing insurance holds good, check on what is required locally.
  5. Visit the State department of motor vehicles to get complete information of all requirements related to insurance, registration or emissions. Check out the official website to make sure you have everything in order and do not miss out anything in the new place to which you move.

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