Auto Transport And Car Registration

When you move across States, you are virtually moving into a whole new world. Although each of the 50 states of America is part of the same country, each of them has its own rules and regulations related to vehicle registration and ownership. What applies in one state may not apply in another, and you might find yourself confronted by a plethora of complexities related to moving your vehicle. It is therefore good to be acquainted ahead of time with all that you need to know about moving your car to a new State and getting it registered.


Registration Of Your Transported Vehicle

  1. Drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration varies from State to State. Therefore, check on local laws of the place to which you are moving. Laws are as varied as the people who live in the new locality, and if you wish to prevent any unpleasantness after your move, it is good to check on all that is involved.
  2. The duration of time taken to register your vehicle and even apply for a driver’s license varies in different States. For example, in Texas, you have 30 days’ time in which you have to register your vehicle and get a license. In California, however, it is 20 days, while in New Jersey it is 60 days and Michigan requires you to do it immediately. If you are unclear with the rules, you might find yourself in a tight spot.
  3. Some States require you to pass a written test or even a vision test although you may have taken up this test many times before. Be sure to apply as soon as possible so that you have ample time in which to pass these tests and get your registration done.
  4. Check on insurance requirements. Each State has varying minimums for property damage and bodily injuries. The difference in costs can be as low as $5,000 or as high as $50,000. Therefore, rather than assuming that your existing insurance holds good, check on what is required locally.
  5. Visit the State department of motor vehicles to get complete information of all requirements related to insurance, registration or emissions. Check out the official website to make sure you have everything in order and do not miss out anything in the new place to which you move.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport

Transporting vehicles from one place to another is not an easy task. Auto transport companies deal with hundreds of vehicles each day and there is much work involved in preparing the vehicle for transport. As a vehicle owner, you can do your part to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for transport, thereby reducing the additional time that would otherwise be taken to handle the process.


Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Transport


  • Be sure to wash the vehicle before you hand it over to the shipping company. This will help you a lot during the inspection of the vehicle as dust and dirt can hide bumps and scratches. When your vehicle is clean, it is easier to inspect it for damages and insurance.
  • Clear out the interior of the vehicle. If things are left jostling around, they can damage your car. Therefore, remove anything that isn’t buttoned down or fixed to the car. This includes loose change, power cables, chargers and even air fresheners.
  • Remove all alarms or disable them. Subtle movements can set off the alarm while your vehicle is in transit, and this is not going to go well with the driver of the truck if it happens.
  • Make sure that the tank of the vehicle is empty. Remember that your vehicle is being transported to your new home and not driven, and you do not need to add to the weight and risk of transporting the car by adding fuel to it.
  • Check the undercarriage for any noticeable leaks before you get your vehicle loaded into the truck. If you notice a leak, get it repaired so that it does not result in oil dripping on to the vehicle just below yours.
  • Check for tyre inflation to make sure that there is no risk of damage to it. If the tyres are under inflated or over inflated, the risk of damage is just as much as when on roads.
  • Remove all custom accessories from your car before it is loaded into the truck. This will prevent the risk of anything breaking in transit. This includes car stereos and mobile accessories that might have been fitted.
  • Finally, when your vehicle is loaded into the truck, be sure to lock it. This will reduce the chance of any sort of theft while it is in transit.

Tips To Transport Your Car Across The Country

Throughout time, moving has never been an easy task. If you are faced with the necessity to move your home and furniture, that is in itself a complex task. Add to this the job of transporting your car, and your stress increases exponentially! A simple way to beat this stress is to choose a good auto transport company, and follow some standard tips to reduce your stress with this move.


Pick A Date To Move

While you do know when you are planning to move across the country, it is good to choose an exact date to move your car. You need time to get quotes from moving companies and plans need to be made to inspect your car, see to insurances and much more. When you present the moving company with a specific date, things will be handled more smoothly in comparison to ad-hoc work.


Do Your Homework

Avoid finalizing on the first auto transport company you come across. Ask around and find out how others have moved their cars across the country. While some auto movers would be excellent for short distance moves, there are others who might specialize in longer relocations.


Check For Insurance

Your car has its own insurance coverage and you need to check with your insurance agent as to what is covered during the move. You need to be prepared for any eventuality and a good insurance policy will help you in this regard. Have a good talk with your insurance agent to find out more about your policy and all that it entails.


Prepare Your Car

Preparing your car for transit involves washing it, emptying it of all accessories and making sure that there is nothing that can damage it from within. Check for leaks and damages and make a note of these ahead of time. Clear out loose change, cables and even alarms as these can cause potential trouble during transit.



Before taking over your car, the moving company will inspect it for damages and document the condition in which they received it from you. Be on hand to make sure that you are aware of what is documented and keep all agreements in writing.


A cross country move is a huge step and it is not something that can be handled overnight. Therefore, when transporting your car, be sure to plan well with the right movers so that you can be spared of needless stress at a later point of time.