Tips To Transport Your Car Across The Country

Throughout time, moving has never been an easy task. If you are faced with the necessity to move your home and furniture, that is in itself a complex task. Add to this the job of transporting your car, and your stress increases exponentially! A simple way to beat this stress is to choose a good auto transport company, and follow some standard tips to reduce your stress with this move.


Pick A Date To Move

While you do know when you are planning to move across the country, it is good to choose an exact date to move your car. You need time to get quotes from moving companies and plans need to be made to inspect your car, see to insurances and much more. When you present the moving company with a specific date, things will be handled more smoothly in comparison to ad-hoc work.


Do Your Homework

Avoid finalizing on the first auto transport company you come across. Ask around and find out how others have moved their cars across the country. While some auto movers would be excellent for short distance moves, there are others who might specialize in longer relocations.


Check For Insurance

Your car has its own insurance coverage and you need to check with your insurance agent as to what is covered during the move. You need to be prepared for any eventuality and a good insurance policy will help you in this regard. Have a good talk with your insurance agent to find out more about your policy and all that it entails.


Prepare Your Car

Preparing your car for transit involves washing it, emptying it of all accessories and making sure that there is nothing that can damage it from within. Check for leaks and damages and make a note of these ahead of time. Clear out loose change, cables and even alarms as these can cause potential trouble during transit.



Before taking over your car, the moving company will inspect it for damages and document the condition in which they received it from you. Be on hand to make sure that you are aware of what is documented and keep all agreements in writing.


A cross country move is a huge step and it is not something that can be handled overnight. Therefore, when transporting your car, be sure to plan well with the right movers so that you can be spared of needless stress at a later point of time.

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